I have recently know about the site http://www.xtranormal.com that allows to create movies via a website.
You certainly have too, due to the buzz with the 4G/Evo video. 

So, as I saw robots being available as actors, a bell ringed and I did a short movie about my WadRobotFramework
I managed to have it published for free after the deception of the will-have-to-pay feeling (must be by changing of actors and background).
I've also put it on youtube. 
In less than a minute, it will not teach new stuff if you are already experienced with the WRF but I hope you will find it funny.

So, if I remember a conversation I had with @didiergirard (who coined the Geek 2.0 term), I think that 'creating an ad' is one more line to add to the todo-list of actions that should go along an opensource project :
  • create a dedicated twitter account
  • create a dedicated website
  • speak of it
  • (and more)
Have fun with the video !
On YouTube  or on xtranormal.com

I'll definetely have a go with the desktop software of xtranormal