Wave open source next steps: "Wave in a Box"

As announced here, the project will contain : 

  • an application bundle including a server and web client supporting real-time collaboration using the same structured conversations as the Google Wave system
  • a fast and fully-featured wave panel in the web client with complete support for threaded conversations
  • a persistent wave store and search implementation for the server (building on contributed patches to implement a MongoDB store)
  • refinements to the client-server protocols
  • gadget, robot and data API support
  • support for importing wave data from wave.google.com
  • the ability to federate across other Wave in a Box instances, with some additional configuration
This is fantastic. This means possible company-wide + company-only Wave servers.
Very good ! A nice start for a friday today !

Most of the world will not care but "robot support" means that the time I spent on the WadRobotFramework will not be have been wasted. 

Jérôme / Wadaël