Hi all,
this post is the first of my DIY serie, it reveals the "geekweller" (geek + jeweller) in me.

It's goal is to realize THIS ! An astonishing memory extension for people !

This not only a hair barrette (or hair slide, I'm not sure of the English for this) but by the mighty power of the Coué method, it is also a memory extension for people !

Let me stress this, it is for people not for your Afghan hound ! It has absolutely no effect on dogs.

So what do we need for this ?

Parts & tools & ...

The most obvious components are a RAM bar and a barrette. The RAM bar used here certainly comes from far in the past, as it was an incredible computer part when the 386 platform appeared. However, the size is perfect and it is symetric then beautiful.

The barrette comes from a broken barrette, but you can find new one in the shops my wife like, like (the expensive) 'Loisirs & créations' in France.

We will need some strong glue, we aim to glue plastic with metal.
Look at your glue's description.

And a heat source and that's all. It can be candle, gas from the kitchen.



Maybe there is no spoon but there is somme bending to do so that the RAM bar gets the same curve as the barette.

To reach that goal, I did several trials of bending it above the gas in the kitchen, holding it by the side with tools (plier and pincer). 

If you are above the minimum age for that manipulation, be cool and it will be ok, do not burn yourself and beware of possible fumes.

This step ends when the curves of the barrette and the RAM bar match.


Let the bar cool down so not to burn your fingers. Then, glue the bar and the barrette. I used clothespin to do the holding


Et voila !  You now have the RAM extension you always desired ! Never forget important things anymore !


I am like a red fish sometimes, thus the idea of that barrette but I have short hair :) so I use my smartphone to store data like birthdays, meetings, et caetera ...
All the more I own a Nexus One that has way more memory than that 1 Mb bar :)

I might update this tutorial with more picture if you beg for it in the comments.