I do not intend to produce a reference material with this blog post. At most, I'll get 'prior art' reference and avoid a corporation to patent this. 


Yet another "new" term for IT. 

What I mean with this "drops computing" is "distributed computing involving both machines 'in the cloud' and smaller connected machines like smartphones".

My point is that global computing power has grown in an important way in the last years. I am thinking of all the smartphones that have been sold lately.
What a waste of power to have them mostly do ... phone calls.

Nowadays, smartphones have capacities that sound similar to desktop PCs available a few years ago.
Altough they have different CPU architecture and less storage, I think you'll agree.

Do you remember that those PCs were used for distributed calculations via programs like Seti@Home ?
Whether it is decrypting alien gossip or the human genome, computing power is here, in our pockets.




Imagine continuous usage of the phone. Battery would drain quickly.


Calculations only happen when the phone is charging OR battery level higher then a percentage to be determined by user.



Smartphones cannot hold a complex model in memory.


Give "easy jobs" to smartphones.



Connectivity is not always available.


Be honest. Advise users without a real unlimited data plan not to join. 

Side note :
An architecture involving cloud computing machines and portable machines (drops) could be called "rain computing". But that would not be a very bankable term.