I have decided to publish a small app dedicated to spoonerisms (in French).

It is titled "Contrepeteries".

Another day, another occasion to learn.
I built apps mostly for myself so this was the occasion to 'market' an app.

From my coder point of view, it is quick but not as direct as should be.

Guess what, after all the ProGuard errors solved (thx to Guillaume of Capptain), I had errors on installing my own app !

"not signed correctly"

"Damn how can it be ?" I thought, considering I was using the very last version of the tool provided.
Isn't it checked right after I upload the apk ?

Based on what I've read on the web and this experience, what one must do is :

  • clean the package before signing (remove useless files)
  • uninstall from your test phone before to install from the market.

Coming back to the ProGuard point, as I use Capptain and AdMob on this app, a working proguard configuration can be found at

Find Capptain at

Find my app at