As I have already said, I am the happy owner of a Galaxy Tab 10.1 :D
This may sound like a conclusion but do not stop reading yet.

It runs Android 3.0 for the moment and I have not used it for hours and hours ...

My main expectation with this device was access to the v3 API branch, due to the slowness of the emulator on my C2D laptop.

However, since I have received it, I have not had time to code :(

Still I had enough time and concentration to test a few apps.
Thus, the apps cons

  • browser : it closed automatically too often.
  • Maps : it closed automatically too often. Too. Seems multitouch is a cause.
  • market : have not found the "only free apps" checkbox.
  • tweetdeck : a font size superior to the max. of 27 would be cool.
  • gmail : a few times, the "reply" button did not work ....
  • Helix HD lite free : slower then on the EVO on which I usually play
  • Robo Defense : I prefer to play on the EVO too. Even if it drains the battery.

That's it for the general cons.

Now the general pros :)

  • beautiful object
  • very responsive (had previous exp. with cheap tablets. Used several in stores)
  • approved by kid, haz passed the "haz angry birds" test :P
  • good sound

On the "general cons" side.

  • one non-standard connector (is it direct to mainboard ?)
  • does not recharge during use (wtf ?)

However, this is balanced by

  • "toys, toys, toys" --- I like toys
  • the newest, the better
  • I USE IT
  • I plan to code for it specificly.

I expect more stability with the announced 3.1 OTA. Despite the listed cons, I am an happy owner.

Thanks again Santa ;)