Some time ago, I found a pretty dead simple solution to a problem with GWT compiler (issue 5621).
It leaves files in TMP dir.
Sometimes BIIIIG  files (not for me).
And it slows down Eclipse even more.
AArrgghh, someone has to do something about it.

So I took my best cape and thought of a bundle that would clean the mess on start and stop of Eclipse.

That is level 1 OSGi, an Activator that does the job.

Its also for I will have to do something that must autoload JARs at work.

Then, boom ! In my face !
The Activator does not get activated even though I explicitly set lazy loading to false.

WTF ??
The module either appears as LAZY or RESOLVED depending on the MANIFEST.MF configuration.

This adds one more line to the funky stuff I found in the little I know about OSGi
* General Manifest syntax
* 80 columns Manifest
* unclear lazy loading directives, combinations 
and now,
* Activators that do not auto-start

And I do not know much.
I presume, I'll look at the bare Java modules (JDK7 ? 8?) for the job.

If you have an idea, share it in the comments. 



2012/07/06 Update : The truth is in the source. The wizard added a line in the that was making it lazy. Dropping that line made the plugin work as intended. The project can be found on GitHub , the path comes from user mudelta