I recently tweeted that I was not happy with CodePro's feature of finding dead code.

I am to maintain an old Swing based software that has seen several years and people.
It has classes named like Class AB with A & B being meaningful complicated words.
Trouble is also that it can have a class BA for each class AB.
Not forgetting that there is AB classes in several packages.

Do you feel the pain ??

I do.
Therefore, I thought I should remove the unused code, hoping there would be a lot of code to remove.
Thus the use of CodePro plugin

Having used source-manipulating tools before, I know they can do more bad than good.
So I commented by hand the unused classes and methods.

Good idea !
I ended de-commenting the previously commented lines of code.

The tool did not work well for me, presumably because there is a custom classloader in use. I have not looked deeper.