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my solution for a quick REST backend is play1 + crud & secure modules on Heroku. Local tests quicker&simpler than jee.

I want to create a backend server to serve data to a mobile app. I need some admin pages. I don't want a sexy web app with JS animations and a marquee :)

hy Play! framework ?

I had fun doing some testing of it (the documented sample) and regretted not to be able to use it in a project. Time went by. Didn't use it for pet project either...
This had to be repared :)
Play is available on cloudbees, heroku and more.
Play is JSON friendly, you cant beat this, JEE
public static void allCategories() {
renderJSON( Categorie.findAll() );

One method and its route is all it takes to serve stuff as JSON.

There is a wonderful free ebook on Play1, in French (so rare), written by @k33g org and @loic_d
Thanks a bunch to them !

Why Play v1 ?

OK, v1 is not maintained, I know. Thus, I started a v2 project buuuut .... the CRUD (scaffolding) module is v1 only. Dammit.

Play Tips

Declare your members public. Yes, feels weird. But this seems to be the cause for my JSON to be uncomplete (only ids appeared)
The Play v1 clickstart (for CloudBees) I found on the web, bugged three times.
The creation of the virtual host failed to complete.
Then, only v2 is available on CB.
Heroku still offers v1 hosting, their tools are neat (git to commit & deploy). No need to change some config file to change between dev & prod.

Fears, uncertainties and doubts

Will I have some v1 hosting over the whole lifespan of my app ?
Will Heroku service still be free in that period ?
Will my app be a success ?