As always, DevoxxFr was a wonderful conference with plenty of talks, worth inventing cloning in order to attend them all.
It's also the occasion to meet people from the interwebs I mean person I communicated with via electronic means, former colleagues and more people.

Because that's what it is, an event to fill up the brain, generate crazy ideas (more on that in a few months) and meet people who actually talk the same IT lingo.

I have had the luck to meet Phillipe, whom I consider highly because of his publications like his Play! ebook. He is also a good curator for technologies.
Emmanuel, former co-detainee.
Antoine of CDI fame
Christophe, friend & former colleague   
Fabien, in my tech sphere for years.
And José, Nicolas, Antonio
There were also international geeks like Arun Gupta, David Delabassee (whose Arduino prez. of last year was awesomely clear).
New Java Champion David Gageot was here too.
Audrey of Ted & Devoxx4Kids fame.
Didier, François, ....

Also lots of talented people
I also met again Horacio (
First anecdote is that he trained & worked with Jerome, my coworker (yes, two Jerome in a room).

As he happened to be with Thierry Chatel of AngularJS training fame, I told them how I learned to use AngularJS.
And because they found it funny, here we go for this post.

There was two determining facts for me to use AngularJS. First, I was looking for something more productive than JQMobile for a next mobile app.
Second, I wanted to try this new stuff.

Also, I found that I was writing some repetitive code for a Spring-based project using stored procedures.
And that bored me.
And I'm a guy who generates SQL or Java code with a spreadsheet.
So I used Angular to generate my Java code.
There will not be any screen capture because confidentiality and also, because I'm at home :)

How it works.

Display page
Input procedure name & validate. Query is made to the server, its a simple Spring controller that will return JSON describing the input parameters for the procedure (JDBC metadata).
JSON is used to create a dynamic form.
User inputs values & validates.
Controller uses the values to execute the procedure. Then returns JSON describing the output.
For each column, there is a line in a second form. 
Users inputs the types and names to be used in Java, a description that will become a comment.
Other inputs are for the DTO & DAO names.
Under the user's eyes is generated the wiki page (wiki syntax)
The rest of the page contains the sources for the DTO, the DAO, the interfaces.
Everything just needing some copy/paste in the IDE and some tuning because all camelCase is not perfect).

There is way more to say about this conf'.
To make it short, I want to go again next year, hoping to see my friend Romin in this part of Earth : Palais des congrès de Paris, 8-10 april 2015.