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lundi 8 avril 2013

On BatooJPA on the Andoid platform

As you may know, I've done more serverside than mobile dev.
Therefore, I was looking for a way to unite the JEE serverside part and the mobile app.
You know, not having to code same things twice. 
Thus the idea to share code between the two. Not the UI of course, but the JPA entities.

I found BatooJPA (https://github.com/BatooOrg/BatooJPA) which is a competitor to Hibernate and has a sample project for use on Android (it creates data and displays a listview).

Seemed like a good finding however, that does not really match well with me because : 
* Maven based (I used maven 1 and still have nightmares) 
* maven plugin to build & install 
* eclipse 3.7 only 
* uses H2 instead of SQLite 
* Android sample not maintained anymore 
** has to tweak it to make it recognized as an Android project in Eclipse 
** a dependency seems not to be in maven central anymore 
* heavyload APK & app (several Mb) 
* class not found exception at runtime 
As the sample was not working out of the box, I had to recreate it. 
I did it with http://androidkickstartr.com/ then updated the pom and copy/pasted the code.
Should had been ok but ended with a runtime exception. 
I concluded that its not the time for BatooJPA on mobile yet. 
Its sad because, I wanted to present it at DroidCon Paris ... 
Consequently, I recommend to use BatooJPA on the serverside and to make your mobile app a dumb REST consumer if you can afford your app to need network at all time. 
Alternatively, with a need for local storage, one can write a converter from JPA to ORMLite annotations. 
Or lets fund +Gray Watson and +Kevin Galligan to make ORMLite JPA compliant (hi guys).

mardi 27 mars 2012

Article dans une vraie revue du monde réel

(In English after the French §)
Certains savent que j'adore les livres et que je rêve d'un jour écrire un cycle comparable à Dune. 

Après une déception sur un projet qui n'a pas vu le jour (un chapitre sur mon WadRobotFramework dans un livre consacré à Wave chez un gros éditeur américain), 

En 2010 et 2011, j'ai eu la joie de tenir des livres où mon nom apparaissait dans la préface pour indiquer la qualité de ma collaboration en tant que relecteur technique.

Mars 2012,  j'ai le plaisir d'annoncer que j'ai écrit un article qui doit paraître dans un Hors Série d'une revue que j'apprécie particulièrement. 
Un premier article (rémunéré) dont je reparlerai quand il apparaitra en kiosque.

Je vais proposer un 2e article pour creuser le sujet, pour un numéro suivant.

J'espère participer à un livre en 2013 et pourquoi pas en co-signer un en 2014.

MAJ 2012-04-16 : j'apprends ce matin qu'il y aura DEUX HS Android à la suite.
Le premier sortira le 27 avril. Je ne sais pas encore si mon article sera dedans ou dans le suivant.
MAJ 2012-04-28 :  Mon article sera dans le suivant.
MAJ 2012-07-06 :  Mon article est paru dans GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors-série n°61 Android. Vous le trouverez page 64.

Hi guys,
I have signed an article to be published in a real magazine later this year.

In 2010 & 2011, I had the pleasure to see my name in the prefaces of excellent Android books in sentences underlining the quality of my contribution. And its still huge memories for me to have worked with people I already respected for their previous books/blogs/dW articles (even kilometers of dW articles).

2012 is when I will finally have something published as author : an article in a special issue of a well-known French magazine.

Next step is propose & write a second, to go deeper into the topic.

My envy for 2013 is participating to a book. And co-sign one in 2014.

Dreams are what we live for. Aren't we ?
Update : My article will be in the issue to be published in July.
Update : My article is published. You can browse the magazine online at http://diamond.izibookstore.com/produit/169/9786000049683/GNULinux%20Magazine%20HS%20n61%20%20Creez%20vos%20applications%20Android%20comme%20un%20pro%20 , see page 64